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Blended Learning ?

May 18, 2021 4:44:09 PM

Blended Learning...Vocational training experts are constantly extolling its merits. For some time now, we've been hearing about it at all the digital conferences, and yet you don't understand what it's all about?

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Pictures: what is Blended Learning?

What better way to explain the complexity of Blended Learning than with computer graphics? Of course, it's not easy to put simple words on such technical terms. 

That's where computer graphics comes in. It allows you to get a simple message across quickly, without drowning the reader in a flood of complicated words. The above graphics show how Blended Learning combines all the advantages of distance and face-to-face learning to provide an optimised training solution. 

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The advantages of e-learning


  • Accessibility: the learner can access his or her learning path whenever he or she wants from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. 
  • Reduction of training costs: thanks to e-learning, the company can train a very large number of learners at a lower cost. Indeed, it will have to pay a significant amount of money to obtain an LMS platform, but in the long term, this cost is amortized. For more information, read our article on this subject here.
  • Time saving: since the learner accesses their training more easily, this generates considerable time saving for them and therefore for the company. 
  • Learner tracking: an LMS platform allows administrators and trainers to access several data concerning learners and training (number of registrants, time spent, scores...). 

The advantages of face-to-face meetings


  • Social dimension: this is surely the main advantage of the face-to-face compared to the distance. Face-to-face training helps to maintain a link between learners and trainers. This is also the reason why digital training, in spite of all its qualities, can never be 100% complete without face-to-face training. 
  • Role-playing: face-to-face training consists of a trainer and one or more learners. If they are gathered together in the same place, it makes it easy to organize practical exercises, workshops or role-plays that will have more impact than in a virtual classroom. 
  • Sense of belonging to a group: during a face-to-face session it is easier for learners to feel stimulated by others, which can sometimes be complicated during digital training. 

It is a fact that digital technology makes professional training much easier. However, face-to-face training has certain characteristics that are difficult to reproduce in digital and which are nevertheless essential for good learning. This is why Blended Learning often seems to be the most complete and therefore the most effective learning method.