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LMS : how do you evaluate your Blended Learning training system?

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 4:41:43 PM

The world of vocational training is undergoing profound changes that are leading it to integrate numerous complementary formats: e-learning (online learning), face-to-face (collective classroom courses), distance learning (distance learning), collective, individual and, in the context of digital learning: synchronous distance learning (virtual classroom), asynchronous distance learning (social learning on forums).

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4 Min read

LMS: why digitize your employees' training?

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 3:16:36 PM

In 2020, few large companies will not have an LMS (learning management system) platform. Moreover, more and more SMEs are also turning to this type of solution to manage and digitize their training. But why are companies and training organisations digitising their training en masse? Of course, it is a question of evolving in line with technological advances, but above all of facilitating access to training and simplifying the work of training departments. 

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Trends in digital learning - by Michel Diaz

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 9:39:05 AM

At a breakfast organized by the SRH trade show, Michel Diaz, Associate Director of Féfaur, spoke on November 29th about digital learning trends. Partner of the exhibition, Fefaur is a company specializing in e-learning consulting and strategies. Michel Diaz is also editor-in-chief of the E-learning Letter website, the reference media on digital learning in France. As a popular speaker, he regularly speaks in France and abroad to share his expertise. Here is what we learned from this conference. 

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