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Blended Learning ?

Written by Manon Consul on May 18, 2021 4:44:09 PM

Blended Learning...Vocational training experts are constantly extolling its merits. For some time now, we've been hearing about it at all the digital conferences, and yet you don't understand what it's all about?

7 Min read

LMS: 10 criteria for choosing your e-learning software

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 6, 2020 11:26:14 AM

The LMS (or Learning Management System) is no longer to be presented as it has grown so much in recent years and even in recent months with the health crisis we are going through. Indeed, the containment caused by the Covid-19 virus has forced training actors and professionals to completely rethink the training action.

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5 Min read

How to choose your learning management system (LMS) ?

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 4, 2020 2:59:28 PM

While today LMSs are becoming more and more widespread, the question that keeps coming up is:

How to choose your LMS platform?

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6 Min read

What are the different learning methods on an LMS platform?

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 4, 2020 10:39:35 AM

Opting for an LMS is to allow you to manage your courses and your learners.

It also means extending your learning methods and offering an enhanced learning experience.

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3 Min read

Training companies : How to promote your trainings ?

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 4, 2020 10:25:28 AM

It is not always easy to know what actions to put in place in order to make one's training known to everyone... Prospecting, natural referencing via social networks, discover all our advice to bring your e-learning projects to light! 

5 Min read

E-learning training : true from false

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 5:14:23 PM

"Difficulties in capturing the learner's interest", "reserved for a young population",
"not very credible in terms of learning"... So many statements heard about digital training! This article deciphers them for you. Zoom on 5 true/false aspects of e-learning.

5 Min read

Creating e-learning content: the 6 mistakes to avoid

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 4:50:02 PM

Not all e-learning projects are equally successful. This can be explained by your content. Among the mistakes that should not be made, you should not neglect the presentation, forget the case studies or underestimate the potential of the mobile phone.

5 Min read

Social learning: 10 techniques to improve it

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 3:05:33 PM

Social learning is a new learning method based on exchange between participants! Discover 10 tips to implement it or improve it and get the best out of your employees' skills.!

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5 Min read

7 benefits for your business of adopting an LMS

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 2:08:18 PM

Opting for an LMS (learning management system) means offering the same training experience to all your company's employees. But do you really know what the advantages of using a learning management platform are? 

This article gives you 7 good reasons to integrate an LMS into your company's training process.

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3 Min read

4 new jobs in digital training

Written by Manon Consul on Nov 3, 2020 12:45:46 PM

Numerous professions are being created as a result of the emergence of digital training in the world of professional apprenticeship. Focus on 4 professions of the future!